December 2016


Thought-Provoking Comments from Energy Industry Leaders

It takes a special thought-leader who make you think, long after their presentation or keynote is over. Here are three ideas I found “most thought-provoking,” after I reflected on all the industry events I attended this past quarter. Shar


The Internet of Things Market Is Expected to Reach $500 Million in 2020

A recent slide-based report from Navigant Research explores the US market for the Internet of Things (IoT), focusing on technology trends, customer adoption, utility rollouts, and the vendor landscape, with cost curve projections and adoption


Mobile Worker Ecosystem: How companies with hazardous areas benefit from digital solutions

Real-time integration of people, processes and systems will shape the industries of the future, enabling higher operational efficiencies at reduced cost. Even today, the use of digital tools such as smartphones and tablets are improving safet


CCOs Can Leverage IT Improvements to Transform Compliance

Digital transformation isn’t just for development and production. Compliance officers can also transform the nature of their work by leveraging digital solutions to weave compliance data management and reporting into the organizational fabr

An Opera simulation of Lorentz force density contours and vectors at the junction of the vertical and D-shape of a toroidal field coil, showing current 'crowding' at an internal corner.

Clean energy pioneer to prototype fusion power plant

Advanced simulation software is helping Tokamak Energy to develop a pioneering clean energy power plant based on nuclear fusion. Using the electromagnetic design and analysis facilities provided by the Cobham Technical Services Opera software