April 2017


Changing the mindset of utility companies, one drone flight at a time

It’s obvious that drones or UAVs have swept the world as we know it coming from largely classified military missions to our homes. For a couple of years now, companies are profiting from sales of drones (there already were 1.1 million drone


E&P Improves Vision with Analytics

Powerful applications place heavy demands on infrastructure. Higher return on assets and reduced risk are important rewards available to E&P companies that can successfully leverage advanced analytics to improve decision making and operat


Revenue for Power Grid Asset Management, Condition Monitoring Devices and Solutions is Expected to Total $45.1 Billion Between 2016 and 2025

A recent report from Navigant Research explores the global market for asset management and condition monitoring (AMCM) solutions, with market forecasts for condition monitoring sensors in the grid and asset management software solutions, thro


Girding the Grids: Utility companies rely on smart grids to weather winter storms

As temperatures begin to dip, anxieties about what this year’s winter weather will bring for the United States begin to rise. Of all the headaches wintry weather brings, loss of electricity is the underlying cause for many of them. We are m