May 2017


A new future with hybrid power plants

We have probably all read of hybrid cars and buses powered by a combination of petrol or diesel with batteries. The same approach to making electricity is being taken in the operation of hybrid power plants. Such plants often combine renewabl


Digital Transformation Part II: Security in Industrial Power

Today, the business of industrial power involves more boarders, more access points, and more outside suppliers with outside approaches than ever before. There’s a lot for cyber security executives in this sector to think about. Even pri


With Preparation, Utilities Can Capitalize on AMI

With Preparation, Utilities Can Capitalize on AMI IT must lay the foundation, and marketing must motivate customers Utilities face a complex set of challenges and opportunities around the rollout of the advanced meter infrastructure (AMI). Th


Power Semiconductors: The Hidden Enablers of Modern Society

The electronics revolution of the past few decades has brought about an increasingly digital society with a critical dependence on electricity. As this dependence, has grown, so too have the needs to generate and use electricity in efficient,

BEC Renewable Energy Program Manager Miguel Rivera and Database Administrator Perry Holt test Apolloware cloud based software that monitor's solar energy output in real time. Apolloware allows solar array owners to receive enhanced financial benefit from energy generated during daily peak energy consumption which helps accelerate the return on the investment. (PRNewsfoto/Bandera Electric Cooperative)

Texas Co-op Develops Innovative Software to Enhance Solar Installations

Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC) has released its new cloud based software, Apolloware, a solution for monitoring solar and energy storage installations in real time. The software allows the solar array owner to receive enhanced financial b


Greenely and Stanford University Launch Mobile App to Help Decrease Electricity Usage in California

Greenely and Stanford University are launching the Greenely Go mobile application in California after a year of development in a unique collaboration aiming to demonstrate how effectively a newly developed behavioral algorithm can help decrea


Analytics Can Open New Opportunities for Utilities

Utilities that overcome the obstacles and make effective use of analytics can put themselves on the path towards comprehensive transformation that improves business performance across the board. Big Data from smart meters and sensors, substat


Ransomware: Are industrial environments leaving Pandora’s Box wide open?

Ransomware is a rising threat and its severity is only set to grow. In 2016, ransomware attacks increased by almost 17,000 per cent from the year before, with 15 per cent seeking to hold data to ransom in the mechanical and industrial sectors


How can we best protect the modern power grid?

The digitization of the power sector has resulted in a vibrant ecosystem that spans from exploration to distribution. Made of the sum of its parts, this system carries vast amounts of data round the clock, fed by IT enabled devices monitoring


IoT Delivers Strategic Advantage in E&P

Edge processing and data integration make the business stronger Oil & Gas is, in one sense, a world leader in the Internet of Things (IoT). Producers and developers have been gathering data from remote sensors for more than half a century