June 2017


Offshore Digital Oilfield Technology Progress

Be it for exploration, data collection, control and monitoring, or even crew welfare systems, technology has several vital roles to fulfill in the offshore digital oilfield (DOF) environment. In an ideal world all the parts co-exist harmoniou


UAVs Can Deliver Essential Data for Less

As energy companies look to control costs and manage assets effectively in the face of low commodity prices and uncertain demand, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) present an interesting opportunity to conduct inspections more affordably and ga


Intelligent oil fields: Digital Oilfield Technology

The oil industry has been slow to wake up to the opportunities of digital technology but this is changing. Major energy companies including BP, Shell, Eni and Statoil amongst others, are employing Digital Oilfield (DOF) technologies in their

Netze BW adopts ABB AirPlus.JPG.scale.LARGE

German utility gives green light to new grid technology

One of Germany’s biggest distribution grid operators is among the first in the world to invest in ABB’s AirPlus™ technology. Netze BW supplies 4.6 million inhabitants across the South West of Germany with power via its grid network, inc


Utilities Can Achieve Better Outcomes with Analytics

Data analysis is a powerful capability that is helping utilities around the world build value in operations, planning and customer relations. As machine data pours in from smart meters and grid sensors, many utilities are deploying analytics


Is digitalization the key to remote plant operation?

There have been many advances in the field of digitalization in recent years. As the industry moves towards remote operation it is plant optimization and integrity management which will provide the tools to enhance safety and anticipate poten