Utilities Can Achieve Better Outcomes with Analytics

Data analysis is a powerful capability that is helping utilities around the world build value in operations, planning and customer relations. As machine data pours in from smart meters and grid sensors, many utilities are deploying analytics


With Preparation, Utilities Can Capitalize on AMI

With Preparation, Utilities Can Capitalize on AMI IT must lay the foundation, and marketing must motivate customers Utilities face a complex set of challenges and opportunities around the rollout of the advanced meter infrastructure (AMI). Th


Analytics Can Open New Opportunities for Utilities

Utilities that overcome the obstacles and make effective use of analytics can put themselves on the path towards comprehensive transformation that improves business performance across the board. Big Data from smart meters and sensors, substat


E&P Improves Vision with Analytics

Powerful applications place heavy demands on infrastructure. Higher return on assets and reduced risk are important rewards available to E&P companies that can successfully leverage advanced analytics to improve decision making and operat