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Is digitalization the key to remote plant operation?

There have been many advances in the field of digitalization in recent years. As the industry moves towards remote operation it is plant optimization and integrity management which will provide the tools to enhance safety and anticipate poten


Analytics Can Open New Opportunities for Utilities

Utilities that overcome the obstacles and make effective use of analytics can put themselves on the path towards comprehensive transformation that improves business performance across the board. Big Data from smart meters and sensors, substat


Next Steps in Virtualization

Market parameters driving innovation It is predicted that, by 2019, some 40% of energy production companies will have the basic platforms in place for managing data and generating analytics, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) for perform


CCOs Can Leverage IT Improvements to Transform Compliance

Digital transformation isn’t just for development and production. Compliance officers can also transform the nature of their work by leveraging digital solutions to weave compliance data management and reporting into the organizational fabr

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Focus: The State of the Digital Transformation – North America

The North American power sector is currently undergoing a digital transformation (DX) that will continue to play out for several years. This transformation is enhancing the way that energy is produced, delivered, and consumed. The continent h


Digital Transformation Supports Bold Decision Making

Companies throughout the energy value chain face pressure as low commodity prices persist and market conditions shift unpredictably. To succeed, leaders need to see around corners and achieve consistent greatness in decision making. They must


Reduce Vulnerabilities and Improve Efficiencies Through Digital Transformation

Energy companies and utilities can reduce risks, eliminate costly inefficiencies and create better working environments by automating processes and making information more accessible and actionable. The process of digital transformation can d


The Rise of the Modern Data Center: Can you compete?

We are pleased to provide our readers with EMC's "The Rise of the Modern Data Center." This white paper challenges some of the most important issues affecting businesses and professionals today.


In Energy, It’s Time to Transform Digitally

"While loose operational procedures may still result in profitability when market conditions are good, today’s lower prices and increased competition mean that absorbing sloppy maintenance and dealing with unplanned downtimes is simply not


E&P Gains Vision and Certainty Through Transformation

Technological advances are a constant in E&P, and IT teams must continually incorporate new applications and hardware to support discovery, development and production. E&P companies are pursuing hard-to-find resources while also using