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Is a Major Oil and Gas Hack Just a Matter of Time?

With hackers hacking everything from the presidential campaign to online stores to my own Facebook account (on a regular basis, it seems), it’s just a matter of time before the oil industry gets hit in a big way.  And the results could be


Oil & Gas Pipeline Security

Theft from pipelines and leaks are costly for both pipeline operators and the environment. According to Havocscope Black Market, theft from pipelines amounts to about $37.23 billion globally a year[i]  and in the US nearly 9 million gallons

With the mega amounts of data that are produced in the oilfield, pipelines and refineries each and every moment of each and every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all of it has to be understood, translated, analyzed and acted upon.

Foreign Languages, Greek Yogurt, and Big Data. Hard to Understand? Read On.

Imagine a dozen people in a room for a meeting.  Each one from a different country, and each one only able to speak and understand their own native language.  Now imagine that you are the note-taker for this meeting.  A daunting task to sa


Ransomware: Are industrial environments leaving Pandora’s Box wide open?

Ransomware is a rising threat and its severity is only set to grow. In 2016, ransomware attacks increased by almost 17,000 per cent from the year before, with 15 per cent seeking to hold data to ransom in the mechanical and industrial sectors


CCOs Can Leverage IT Improvements to Transform Compliance

Digital transformation isn’t just for development and production. Compliance officers can also transform the nature of their work by leveraging digital solutions to weave compliance data management and reporting into the organizational fabr


Total Safety Named Recipient of 2016 Texas Oil and Gas Awards Excellence in Health and Safety

Total Safety U.S. Inc., the world’s premier provider of industrial inspection and integrated safety solutions, was honored with the Fourth Annual Award for Excellence in Health and Safety – Operational in the 2016 Texas Oil and Gas Awards


Paradigm and Task Fronterra Collaborate to Deliver Advanced Borehole Data Analysis

Paradigm® (www.pdgm.com) announced today that Task Fronterra, a leading global geoscience consultancy, has standardized its advanced borehole data analysis service offering on the Paradigm Geolog® petrophysical analysis and formation evalua


PGS Expands Industry Leading Supercomputing Platform with Purchase of Second Cray XC Supercomputer

At the 2016 Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) International Exposition in Dallas, Texas, global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY) today announced that PGS has significantly enhanced its supercomputing capabilities with th


SKF and GE Oil & Gas Sign Collaboration Agreement to Develop Use of Active Magnetic Bearing Applications

Collaboration agreement widens scope of use for active magnetic bearings for turbomachinery within the oil and gas sector. SKF and GE Oil & Gas have signed a non-exclusive, licence-based collaboration agreement, aimed at further developin


Sonardyne delivers acoustic positioning simulator to Brazilian DPO training school

Equipment that simulates acoustic positioning operations on dynamically positioned (DP) rigs and ships, has been supplied by Sonardyne Brasil Ltda. to vessel control and automation company, GE Power Conversion for their new training school in