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German utility gives green light to new grid technology

One of Germany’s biggest distribution grid operators is among the first in the world to invest in ABB’s AirPlus™ technology. Netze BW supplies 4.6 million inhabitants across the South West of Germany with power via its grid network, inc


Utilities Can Achieve Better Outcomes with Analytics

Data analysis is a powerful capability that is helping utilities around the world build value in operations, planning and customer relations. As machine data pours in from smart meters and grid sensors, many utilities are deploying analytics


With Preparation, Utilities Can Capitalize on AMI

With Preparation, Utilities Can Capitalize on AMI IT must lay the foundation, and marketing must motivate customers Utilities face a complex set of challenges and opportunities around the rollout of the advanced meter infrastructure (AMI). Th


Analytics Can Open New Opportunities for Utilities

Utilities that overcome the obstacles and make effective use of analytics can put themselves on the path towards comprehensive transformation that improves business performance across the board. Big Data from smart meters and sensors, substat


Changing the mindset of utility companies, one drone flight at a time

It’s obvious that drones or UAVs have swept the world as we know it coming from largely classified military missions to our homes. For a couple of years now, companies are profiting from sales of drones (there already were 1.1 million drone

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Focus: The State of the Digital Transformation – North America

The North American power sector is currently undergoing a digital transformation (DX) that will continue to play out for several years. This transformation is enhancing the way that energy is produced, delivered, and consumed. The continent h


New Cyberbit Range Release Offers Hyper-Realistic Training for Multidimensional Approach to Cyberdefense

Cyberbit, whose cybersecurity solutions protect the world’s most sensitive systems, today announced the expansion of its Cyberbit Range security training and simulation platform, offering dynamic, hands-on training for IT security teams

Opening the wrong attachment can easily introduce malware to your computer system, according to a recent study by Dell.

Ransomware: One wrong click for utilities and all your files are encrypted by hackers

The scourge of ransomware – malware that hijacks your PC and encrypts all of its files – has become so ingrained in the very fabric of computing, some of the criminals behind it have actually begun offering live chat support for victims.

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Duke Energy completes acquisition of Piedmont Natural Gas

Duke Energy has completed its acquisition of Piedmont Natural Gas, closing the transaction effective today. Piedmont will retain its name and operate as a business unit of Duke Energy. Both companies are headquartered in Charlotte. The acquis


Disaster preparedness in utilities: Because we’re all in this together

Disasters have become a part of our daily news cycle and our awareness. Communities are learning that the key to resilience is the understanding that we are all in this together. Electric utilities are vulnerable to the same risks and hazards